Thursday, February 23, 2012

How many shades of pink...??

Bought this dress the other day for £12 in the sale at Dorothy Perkins along with two others.  I was on a hunt for a perfect, comfortable dress, the kind you always want to wear and have to restrain yourself from wearing everyday.  Well this is one of those with its super comfy elastic waistband, it gives my curvy figure instant shape without having to fuss over a belt.  But most of all the colour is just divine.  I don't know how to describe, maybe a red wine maroon.  
I was wearing three gorgeous shades of pink, my dress, my shoes and my pink and punchy Mac lipstick i got for christmas ages ago and wear continuously for random periods each year.  I absolutely love it.  

I also went a little mad whilst taking the photos, that day i was feeling extremely energetic.  Oh and my gorgeous slightly 80's hair day was what topped it all off i think.  You know when you whack your hair up at home, then take it down to go out and realise that it has gone wild and that now you have to keep that hairstyle...that was one of those mornings.  Except i had had that hair style all evening and all night in bed so i ended up looking like Big Bird (from Sesame Street) (look hime up).  

Dress:  Dorothy Perkins
Leather Jacket: La Redoute
Cardigan:  Charity Shop
Stripe T-Shirt:  New Look
Tights:  M&S
Shoes: Underground
Lipstick: Mac
Spike Necklace:  ASOS


Monday, February 20, 2012

You Know When You Just Have To...

I am not afraid to say that yes when i get bored doing homework i dance and sing to my music.  Well i got to the point today (whilst writing a geography essay on a topic that sails so far over my head that well i'll stop talking about that now and get on with the blog post) i got to the point where i thought i should explore my laptop and i conveniently clicked straight onto the photo booth app, which anyone with a Mac knows is awesome.  And so i thought you should see the real me.  I might blog a little later with my outfit for the day which is a variety of shades of berry!!  

P.S. These are my awesome House of Marley headphones.   Buy a pair they are incredible.  


Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Outfit From The Deep

Got this really basic and exceptionally comfy and i mean beyond comfy dress from Dorothy Perkins this week.  I have been desperate for a nice dress for a little while, you know that kind of staple dress.  Well i ended up buying 3, for £26.75.  Incredible i know, they currently have 25% off for students at the moment.  
 Also i apologise now for the strange grin, i will sort that out for my next outfit photos.  I swear.

Shirt:  Asos
Cardigan: Charity Shop
Tights: M&S (But can also be bought on ASOS)
Spike Necklace: ASOS

 I got these headphones week because my old ones got a little lonely when i didn't use them for a week and decided to break to irritate me.  So found these beasts which are amazing and are House of Marley, oh yes.  These are a product of the great Bob Marley.  Well actually a product of the company who have just named it after him but ssssssh.  They are environmentally friendly and they support the Marley Family charity 1Love.
 Another new dress from Dorothy Pekrins.  £7 with a further 25% off.  You shall definitely be seeing it some time soon.  

 These is a seriously vintage bag that my sister unearthed the other day and said i could have because she is a little too old to walk out with a green striped tassel hippy bag.  I really didn't care much about her overacted misery and took it with an exceptionally large grin.  Well i said thank you and then jumped for freaking joy.  
I have only just realised how many books i actually have and have not bothered to read.  I bet you are now thinking the exact same thing.  I think i justify it by thinking everyone else does it too.  I just can't control myself when i am stood in a charity shop that sells really modern literature for 50p a book.  Blows my mind.  


Friday, February 17, 2012

A Complete Fashion Experiment...Please Don't Try At Home

So i got so bored on my half term holiday that i decided i would basically update a t-shirt i own and have never worn.  Simply because i knew it would entertain me for at least 45 minutes.  This is the starting product, a strange fitting, mildly bat-winged t-shirt with a very awesome Aztec themed print...

I know just awful right.  Well i  must be doesn't get much better than the Roman Army skirt like top i created.  I just loved the print so much i couldn't bare to get rid of it and i wanted to have a bit of fun.  I do think that the best description for it though is a fanny flap if i am totally 100% honest.  Decide for yourself...

Please ignore the state of my bedroom just a little bit of a mess.  


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grab a piar of ethical shooooes!!

So i believe my destiny in life is to make a difference.  I know that it is one of the most incredibly cheesy lines you have probably heard repeatedly over from friends and in magazines and celebrities who talk through advisors, but it is true.  I constantly see myself making a difference with the geography degree i intend to start and hopefully complete at uni next year.
One area i am desperate to make a difference in is fashion.  I want men and women all around the world in fashion to realise that the industry is destroying the world.  When i say the world i mean literally as in the environment and my Carbon Footprint as well as Humanitarian rights across the world, of the people sitting slaving away in thousands of factories in the developing world.  

I just discovered this event on the Toms website.  And if you have not heard of Toms, for every pair of awesome comfortable amazing shoes you buy, they send one pair to a child desperately in need.  Incredible.  
So they have a special charity day and event they have started called 'One Day Without Shoes' on April 10th.  The point of which is that you spend all day wearing no shoes to make a statement, raise awareness and also make you realise how hard life is without a pair of shoes.  

Check it out here

If you find the event toolkit page they provide downloads for stickers, stencils, t-shirts, posters, banners, street art, and hundreds of ideas!!

Here are some of the amazing products they sell , i basically just want them all!!

Just so you know i am a total maths geek and so these shoes are absolutely beyond and magnificently perfect for moi!!

Anyway go look and hunt because i can guarantee that once you have bought some you will not stop.  


Sunday, February 12, 2012

What kind of world do we live in?!

So i have been browsing the web all weekend in search of a staple dress for the year.  You know how you always have a dress you feel most comfortable in, or a skirt or shorts or any piece of clothing.  I, as you will soon discover, am a little obsessed with ethical fashion and being eco-friendly, including Fair trade and all that jazz.  So  thought, with the help of my sister i would try and find a dress which is ethically sound and is also awesome.  
There was just one flaw in this investigation.  That type of dress does not exist!!
I am being serious you either buy something lovely but boring and too simple, for example...

Or you make yourself look beyond hideous wearing a dress which i am sure has taken a lot of time to make and is very well made, but you would look depending on the rest of your outfit like a huge poo or an old soggy tea bag.  
I mean really.  I just don't know what to do and am beginning to feel so amazingly lost in the world.  HELP!!

If you have any ideas, help, advice, proposals anything i would love to hear it!!


Friday, February 3, 2012

You Gotta Love A New Necklace!!

This is my beautiful....well i suppose not beautiful new necklace, but exceptionally edgy and innovative necklace, which only cost 15 squid on ASOS.  Buy it, it is so amazing and actually really light.  But it comes with a warning.  if it is cold outside and i mean zero degrees, do not wear directly against skin...your head might actually freeze and fall off.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Sequins Make My Day Shine Bright

Today it was unbelievably cold, well for a British person who lives by the sea anyway, so i decided to go out wearing rather thin tights again.  I do question my intelligence on these occasions when everyone is wearing jeans and leggings with big fluffy boots and i am wearing a skimp bodycon skirt with thin leggings and black biker boots!!  Fashion can be so unpractical sometimes.  

Sequined Shirt:  Charity Shop find (you will see a lot more of this one)
Black and White Shirt:  Wrangler (proper vintage hand down form my sister)
Hoodie:  Adidas
Skirt: Primark
Tights: Have no clue to be honest
Socks: Mountain Warehouse (i know but just so warm)
Boots: Topshop (although i forgot to put an image in so boots you must imagine)

So my top tip for a curvy lady who wants to wear a body con dress or skirt is to wear a long shirt layered under a cardigan which effectively sits over your thighs (which is my biggest issue) and also provides a little coverage if you feel a little shy about showing your curves.  But don't brave.  Remember that those who let their clothes wear them never look good in them.  If you want to look good you must wear your clothes!!