Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Outfit From The Deep

Got this really basic and exceptionally comfy and i mean beyond comfy dress from Dorothy Perkins this week.  I have been desperate for a nice dress for a little while, you know that kind of staple dress.  Well i ended up buying 3, for £26.75.  Incredible i know, they currently have 25% off for students at the moment.  
 Also i apologise now for the strange grin, i will sort that out for my next outfit photos.  I swear.

Shirt:  Asos
Cardigan: Charity Shop
Tights: M&S (But can also be bought on ASOS)
Spike Necklace: ASOS

 I got these headphones week because my old ones got a little lonely when i didn't use them for a week and decided to break to irritate me.  So found these beasts which are amazing and are House of Marley, oh yes.  These are a product of the great Bob Marley.  Well actually a product of the company who have just named it after him but ssssssh.  They are environmentally friendly and they support the Marley Family charity 1Love.
 Another new dress from Dorothy Pekrins.  £7 with a further 25% off.  You shall definitely be seeing it some time soon.  

 These is a seriously vintage bag that my sister unearthed the other day and said i could have because she is a little too old to walk out with a green striped tassel hippy bag.  I really didn't care much about her overacted misery and took it with an exceptionally large grin.  Well i said thank you and then jumped for freaking joy.  
I have only just realised how many books i actually have and have not bothered to read.  I bet you are now thinking the exact same thing.  I think i justify it by thinking everyone else does it too.  I just can't control myself when i am stood in a charity shop that sells really modern literature for 50p a book.  Blows my mind.  


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