Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I was brave today, I wore floral tights!

So i thought i would be a little crazy and start with my first layer of clothing.  This is a really old dress i own from Primark but is comfy on those days when you just think...meh!!
These are my lovely tights i got for Christmas not sure where they are from and they have pretty pink flowers on.  Honestly looked at them and thought...really florals but now i think yay...Florals!!  I completely forgot to take a close up of them being the silly sausage that i am!!

 This is my beautiful elephant necklace purchased for me by my bestest bud ever Poppy!!  I believe it is from Mallorca.  The paint splash jacket as you see below is from H&M and i love it!!

So this is my next layer with my H&M jacket, love it!!  It has a waterfall front with a short back.
I thought that maybe i would take a close up of my face for a special treat whilst wearing my glasses which remind me so dearly of my late grandma Googie.  You did read that correctly we used to call her Googie.  I thought you should see my make-up, i love a big flick at the sides, but they are not too big today since i had so little time to get ready for school and keep it a secret but actually ended up doing my make-up using a little compact mirror, sat on the toilet.  

The next layer is a green cardie which i inherited from my Granny.  Love it, it is so big and cosy and comfy that you would have to tempt me with a very very large chocolate cake  and i mean humungous chocolate cake to stop me wearing it.  
My beautiful leather jacket is the final layer to my outfit which has demonstrated my obsession with layering my clothes.  I think i am actually starting to go a little over the top, to the point that somedays i will walk past a window and think oh crikey oh don't half look like the long lost twin of the Michelin Man.  (Google him if you have never heard of him.  Then you will understand instantly.)  Me and my headphones, you should know we are inseperable.  As well as my Amy Winehouse inspired make-up flicky things.  So scary you can see all my pores in my face and they are huge.  

 This is a postcard i found in an Oxfam and love and have stuck up on my wall in my study.  Reminds me everyday that you are even more amazing when you are just yourself.  

I thought i would attempt to put a french plait into my exceptionally short bob and so far appears to have worked and as i currently type it has been in my hair for about two hours and is still looking pretty good.  Only thing is i had to put two bright pink bobby pins in to keep it from sticking out to the side like some demented unicorn horn.  

 HAHA this is the moment when i was trying to take a photo with the timer and it dropped from my chest of drawers but took the photo as i realised and went into a state of shock.  

 The three layers together, sorry four if you include the dress.  Love how they blend and clash, well not clash but don't really go together.  
These are my beautiful necklaces the slightly dirty silver/grey one is the locket my Daddy gave me with a micture of my mama in it.  And the one above was my Mama's and is the symbol/sign things for the Millenium.  Under my dress i was also wearing a black and white stripe top.  Was very chilly today as you may be able to tell.  


Such a Stud!!

I just had to share with you my passion for studded clothing at the moment.  I think it is turning into a strange obsession.  I just simply cannot get enough of any clothing with some kind of stud forced into it.  Don't even start me on a studded leather jacket, oh my that is just the pinnacle, but i just can't seem to find one and my leather jacket is just too expensive to do a bit of DIY.  I think my sister, who bought it for my birthday one year, would actually go mental.  

I am not sure, but this man appears seem to me to look a lot like Heath Ledger (poor soul) except i don't ever remember him having so many tattoos, probably a man that just looks very similar.  Awesome picture anyway and where do i get a studded denim waistcoat like that?  Someone put me out of my misery!?
I am just guessing but i think these are Jeffrey Campbell shooooes, which i absolutely love and will soon spend a small fortune on i am sure.  
These are the most amazing Underground shoes produced so far but i haven't yet managed to find a place where they sell them which is driving me mad ince they are so unbelievably incredible i almost cried the first time i saw them!!
Now i have been inspired previously to use a spiked necklace/bracelet you get on a leather strap to DIY decorate a pair of amazing heels i have and these shoes with their spiked socks have just made me think YES i must do this.  But i think i need to get my butt down to Camden Market to find the perfect spike jewellery to use, as it would be tragic to do it all and then get it all wrong.  
Now Lady Gaga is the Queen of studded clothing and i have found a million images of her wearing some incredible studded jackets, as in her Telephone Music Video.  However this studded bra just shouted Studs and simplicity at me which i find so hard to imagine going together, and taught me that it is possible.  

Hope you liked.  Please leave your comments and Follow if you love.  

Monday, January 30, 2012

I Can Never Dress For the Weather (Ha it rhymes) (Well kinda)

 Well today i thought i would wear my long black knitted skirt which is very comfy and all.  I ran around the house getting ready for college and then with about 2 minutes till the bus came i left the house running before realising it was raining and then later it started to snow.  I mean really on the one day that i wear socks and not tights.  How ridiculous.  So by the time i had walked to school from the bus stop my ankles were orange with a numb sensation.  
 And sorry about the facial expression below i just had a very sudden urge to grrrrr at the camera!
 These are my fantastic pink Underground creepers.  They are fabulously comfortable and so awesomely original.  I believe that everyone should have a pair.  They have a 2 inch platform i believe.  Not sure but when i don't wear them everyone comments on how short i seem to be suddenly.  

 So my sister-in-law has recently opened a beauty salon/parloury thing.  She can pierced ears and all so she did my second set of piercings which i am very happy with, but they hurt a touch so i haven't put a first set in yet.  
 This is a close up of my top i was wearing today.  The green woven one is from Primark and the yellow shirt from ASOS.  Again making the strange face below is a apparently a favourite of mine.  Sorry about the flushed pink face had just been working really intensely in my study.  (Secretly i had been grooving to some funky tunes).  

 I also love to wear lots of necklaces at once, which the picture shows on the left.  I would tell you where they are from but i cannot remember.

Above are my lovely painted nails which have chipped excessively quickly.

Collar Tips. Everybody needs a pair of collar tips.  these are my incredible ones from ASOS.  They have spiders on them and so everyone looks at me weirdly but they are amazing.

 The camera photos i am not sure why i posted are just a bit cool i think.  And the random one from above is of my slightly funky up do whilst i was doing geography revision.  I have discovered that hair looks quite amazing in the dark taken with a flash.  

So i was walking around taking photos when i just started taking photos of my door.  I have such a random selection of pictures on it its quite unbelievable.  I especially love Alvin with his little finger puppet holes.  

 I had to declare my undying love for Frozen Planet to you.  I have it on DVD, i have the free poster and the calendar.  basically i am mad about David Attenborough and he is my secret husband.  Above i have a DIY necklace holder my Dad built for me.  I bought some little birdy hooks and he nailed them to a painted block of wood.  they are really rather exciting.  
Also i think it is quite exciting i collect my train tickets and stick them to the inside of my wardrobe door.  Do it and then look back through them all one day and you will remember all those trips you have been on.  Anyone have any other fab ideas for exciting displays/posters on your walls??  Please share.  

My eye make-up for the day was particularly simple and looked a touch like i have a black eye since i used purple eyeshadow, but thought it looked dark but in a bright way.